Friday, November 05, 2004


It has been one busy week! I started a new job (in addition to my other one) working in another lab for a bit of extra money - I can better afford my yarn habit. It went really well. It is so nice to be paid for the hours you work. My main job is an assitantship for my major professor. I could work 40 hours a week for her and still get paid my same crappy salary. Philip says we are indentured servants. I tend to agree. But, I do get paid to write my thesis and that is always nice. I have actually been making some progress. My lit review is up to 41 pages and I am definately not done. I feel bad about my comittee members having to read it. Oh well, it's their job!

I have been working on the sleeves for my Peppermint Twist sweater. I splurged and got the Rowan yarn she used in the sample, and it is so great to knit with. Philip is leaving on Sunday for a conference so I am hoping to make a ton of progress on it this weekend. I have also been comissioned by him to make him a face mask for skiing. I need to get started on that too. My WIP list is getting longer by the minute!

My church is getting a historical marker this weekend, so it is going to be a busy one! I'm on the planning committee so it is going to be busy today and tomorrow!! So, have a fab weekend and I will hopefully have pics sometime on Sunday! No football game this weekend, so that is kind of sad, but I don't have time. But we are definately going to the SEC championship and the town is all excited! We are trying to get tickets!!!

Happy Knitting and War Eagle!


Blogger Wendy G said...

Hi Gracie. You do have a full weekend planned. I am also glad to have a free weekend to work around the house and yard. Hopefully I will have time to sit down and knit too. War Eagle!!

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