Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I CAN"T WAIT FOR FRIDAY! I had a frustrating day at work writing on my thesis today. I am working on my last section to write which is on vocabulary development and it's importance. Ok, so everyone knows that vocabulary influences reading which influences academic achievement. But, NO ONE will say that in a journal article. It is all over the internet but not as much in journal articles. I need to have a citation for that in my review. So, I searched and search and eventually I found notes that I made for myself with citations, but I had no dates, just last names. Eventually I found some more on the internet and now I just have to find the articles. Grrr.....

But, I got a cute note from my SP today with cute stitch markers! It was such a great ending to my frustrating day, thanks SP!

I'm about to drop, so I'm off to bed.

We are going to the SEC game! We have tickets! Yippee!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sending "article finding vibes" your way! Hope today is less frustrating for you. Hang in there!


6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew - I am so sorry to hear about your thesis frustrations. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the rest of the last section goes smoothly for you.

I'm glad you received the note before you receive the package - I was worried that UPS would get there before the Post Office. I'm glad you like the stitch markers, and I hope you get good use from them.

I'm looking forward to the "reveal" very soon!

7:52 AM  

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