Sunday, November 07, 2004

I'm so tired...

Our Historic Marker Dedication yesterday was wonderful, but tiring. We worked and worked and worked some more. It is always a little frustrating when you work so hard and there are so many that do nothing. We had several women that were supposed to be involved and help out, but didn't. Oh well, it was a lovely day nonetheless.

Philip got up this morning at 4 to go to Austin, Texas for a conference. So, I have the apt to myself for the next few days. My goal is to knit a ton and get the apt cleaned up and summer clothes exchanged for winter cloths. It is just easier to clean without a man in the house!

I'm working on the sleeves to my sweater. I am knitting them both at the same time. It is nice to do them both at the same time, but it is a little heavy. I'm gonna use circulars next time. I need to start on Philip's face mask for skiing as well. I have decided that my plane project will be the Irish Hiking Scarf. I think it is complicated enough to hold my attention and easy enough to carry. Now, I just have to decide on the yarn!


Blogger Wendy G said...

I know your work was appreciated. Enjoy your time this week for lots of knitting. The Irish Hiking Scarf is quick and fun.

7:28 PM  
Blogger tiffany said...

Congratulations on your job, that's fantastic! Happy Knitting - looks like you will get tons done! When are you guys going away?

1:58 AM  

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