Tuesday, November 02, 2004

What a busy day! I have been working on my thesis and I started working in another lab yesterday, so it has been busy here!

Saturday was the best day! I knit all day long!! It was fab. We watched football and I finished my mystery object from Inspirations Yarn. It is a cute little hat that will be going with me when I ski! What great timing. And, the excitement of the weekend - I finished Philip's Xmas stocking! It looks so great. I am so so proud of it. I've started working on the Peppermint Twist sweater from SnB. It is coming along nicely. I have had the yarn forever and I just haven't started it. I still have yet to make my first sweater and this will be it. I dont know why I haven't made one, I have made so many other things. I have been so scared to do one for some reason, but I am really excited about this one!

Philip's stocking is blocking, and I'll post pics when it is finished! Hooray!


Blogger Wendy G said...

Congrats on the stocking. Are you going to make one for yourself? Have a good day.

8:51 AM  

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