Wednesday, December 29, 2004

So I have been playing around with the template on my blog this afternoon. I don't know how long this one will stay, so enjoy it! I thought the pink was getting a little dark. I know, shock that I would choose something other than pink, but I think I needed a bit of a change.

I have the left front and back of the Ribby Cardi blocking on the floor in the back room. Most of the measurements were right on, but the width was a little off. I figured I would just go with it for now. It will probably be a little bit more form fitting than the real version which is ok with me. I think it is prob 1/2 inch off at the most. Not enought to frog the whole thing. The other measurements were able to be fixed with blocking! Go me!! Sitting in my lap now is the left front. I would love to have the sweater done in the next day or so. It may be possible with the lack of working days, especially new years. We will see.....

I need to finish up my scarf for the scarf swap. I keep swapping (ha ha ha) between the cardi and the scarf. Ok, off to fix dinner... I think mac and cheese tonight..... yum


Blogger Nyxxie said...

Hey good luck on finishing the cardi soon. Then you can help me when I do get a chance to actually start on mine I have so much that I want to get done just what is a girl to do. ~I think that we are using the same pink~

7:28 AM  

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