Saturday, January 29, 2005

Burr.... It's cold in here......

Since when did south Alabama get so cold?! Philip slid down the stairs and almost cracked his head open (he is fine, he said it was fun, and it happened too quick to be scary). But the ice is covering EVERYTHING. I'm ready for that 70 degree whether we had last week! I just wish that if it would be this cold, it would snow. But, we just have ice. Not too exciting. But, I will not be going out tomorrow. So, that makes for some good thesis writing time and some knitting time.

I got the new VK today and I love love it. I think it is my favorite issue so far. I adore the Flower Basket bag (I joined the KAL). I don't have any yarn for it yet, and I am looking around. It is knit at about 2 sts per inch and so super big and chunky. The yarn is really expensive for it. I think I am going to try and figure out a way to make a tiny version of it instead of the bigger bag. I think it would be so cute for spring as a little bag. But, there are a ton of patterns in the mag I want to knit. Well worth the money!

I'm working on Peppermint Twist from SNB again. I have been working on this one forever. It is really cute, but I guess I have gotten so excited over other projects that it has gone by the wayside. But, I am going to finish it!!

Stay warm!


Blogger amanda said...

i wish it was that cold here in louisiana. the coldest it has been this year was at christmas. i just rec'd same issue of vk and loved it. i too want to knit that bag but am putting it off for a little while. i did however order some lana grossa caldo from yarn market to knit and felt some roses (it is the least expensive sub i could find). have you co for your fbs yet? i hope to start mine this week. have a great weekend and drink some hot coco!

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