Tuesday, January 04, 2005


We had a great time watching the game last night. It was a little nerve wracking, but I am just so glad that we won! 13-0! The thing that really frustrated us was how ABC was talking about the team. Now, I realize we were biased, but they didn't appear to think that Auburn was a good football team. Apparently, a no loss season isn't good enough. The game was a little dirty. I was surprised a fight didn't break out. Apparently the Hokies are known to poke people in the eye because most of the guys had face shields on. Oh well! We went to Toomer's Corner after and rolled it along with everyone else in the town. It was a grand ole time. Ok, enough football!
I have been working on my scarf for the scarf swap. I am getting close to done and am ready to be done with it.
I organized my stash today. It was a little painful, but I am so glad to have it done! My stash has moved from a plastic tub to a bench with storage under it. Much better. It is still mostly full, but the yarn isn't crammed in. I also recorded all the yarn I have in a cute little spiral bound book that Amanda gave me. Whenever I go to a LYS, I can take it with me. My needles are also nicely in a big milk glass vase. Quite a productive afternoon!
And, head on over to http://februaryflowers.blogspot.com and go sign up! Alice is hosting it and you make some knitted flowers for a pal and send them off during Valentines! You know you want to! It will be quick to make and fun to get some flowers in the mail for V Day!


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Thank you for visiting my blog and welcoming me to FiberRAOK! I'm enjoying my visit to your blog - your cardi is tooo cute! - and am off to check out the February Flowers! :)

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