Saturday, February 26, 2005

Happy Saturday!
I made it back here yesterday morning. I had an abuse training seminar thing that I had to go to and then I went to a funeral. A friend from church passed away earlier this week. I finally headed home for a nap (my body is not meant to get up at 6 AM anymore) only to recieve a phone call from my husband talking me into going to Columbus, GA (yes, a state away) to go and get Krispy Kreme. Yes, I went. But, the Krispy Kremes were great. Such a healthy dinner.
Ozark was fun, it was really nice to see my family. I am also VERY appreciative that I don't live there. We can't go anywhere with my aunt not knowing at least half of the people there. It will drive you nuts. Unfortunately, Lisette didn't make Raiderettes. The thing was rigged. The woman that owns the studio where she dances doesn't like my aunt and Lisette (for whatever reasons) and she cut her. She was so so upset, but felt a lot better once everything was figured out. Tracy (the woman that owns the studio) is just sick and evil. Her daughter Ashlie is doing the choreography for the team next year, so that is how the whole thing gets back to the studio. All the girls on the squad dance for her. So, Lisette is not being pulled out of the studio and will go somewhere else, and we just have to figure out what to do to Tracy and Ashlie. Several parents were going in. But, enough of that!
I got to work a little bit on my blanket and I am getting closer to done! I ended up getting new brakes on my car on Friday (long story, but my car doesn't squeak anymore), and I ended up picking up the gusset and starting to decrease on my sock, so that was great progress.
Ok, I need to go to work. Unfortunately, I have to go in today for a family. So, I will be back later hopefully with some pics!


Blogger Elisa said...

Hi Gracie! I am glad to hear that you are home safe and sound. It's a real bummer that Lisette didn't make the team.

I hope we get to see pictures of the blanket and your sock soon!

Thanks for your get well wishes, I am definitely on the mend. :)

I hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing and peaceful.

8:09 PM  

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