Tuesday, March 08, 2005

It's over! I am so glad that I can check one thing off my list! I think it went pretty well, and it is nice not to have to worry about it. But, it has been a pretty productive day - grocery store and cleaning! What more could a gal ask for?! Not much! We are having salmon for dinner - yum. The truth of it is that I don't want to really cook much so I am making Philip grill it. Last time I tried to grill, I had a little fireball accident. Paint cleaner and charcoal do not mix.

I am hoping to get a good bit of knitting time on Lucky in tonight. I would love to finish the back by this weekend. I am amazed at how fast the pattern goes by! I need to cast on for my second Auburn sock, but I am so obsessed with this wrap now, that I don't want to take time to do anything else!

Thanks to everyone for the comment on the socks - I hope that she likes them!

And, thanks to yall for all of the well wishes on my test as well!


Blogger Lauren said...

You are really doing well on Lucky! I am planning to start mine very soon :)

8:29 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

It's funny, but after every academic project I finished, I had to do laundry immediately afterwards so that I could have a visible "finished product" to show for the work I'd done. Hard to track your progress sometimes in academia...you're doing a great job!

7:37 AM  
Anonymous shelley said...

Hi Gracie, I read your blog all the time and love your work and your take on life. Could you do a favor for someone you don't even know? I read another blog of a beginning knitter and she has a question about something she just finished, but I don't know how many people see her blog. I'm too much of a beginner to know what to tell her. The address is:
http://abeginningknitter.blogspot.com if you or someone else could take a look.

11:34 PM  
Anonymous shelley said...

Hi Gracie, again! Thanks for going by beginningknitters. She read your comment, but she is a beginning blogger too and replies to comments by posting replies on her own blog-as I've seen others do. When I read it I wasn't sure if it was an additional question for you or not (?).

8:13 AM  

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