Tuesday, April 05, 2005

You know how a day can be long and you are ready to call it quits by 7:30 in the morning? I do. And, now that the day is mostly over, I can cope and see the humor in the situation. So, let's go through the morning....

I get up this morning super early to run by East Alabama Food Bank to pick up some papers before my meeting with Jared at 8. Yes, I said 8 - yuck. I am running out of gas, so I stop at the Shell to gas up. I get out of my car only to find a policman behind me. He said that he stopped me because my plate was expired. Unfortunately, the sticker arrived yesterday in Atlanta (the parents are nice and pay for my car) and is not in my possession. I inform the officer that my father does not like to do things in a timely manner and that is why I don't have it but I was going to get it this weekend. He says ok and believes me and he gave me a citation and says that if I provide proof that I have it registered, then I won't have to pay the ticket. I sign the form and that is it. Meanwhile, I'm fuming because my father should have done this months ago, but that is another story. I fill my tank and go inside and get a coke and a muffin cause I'm hungry and I feel like my dad at least owes me breakfast for my frustration. So, I pay the ticket and drive off to campus. I park in C zone in BFE and start walking to the annex. All of a sudden my phone rings and it is Officer Hatchett on the other line asking if I paid for my gas. Yes, the dumb guy inside didn't ring up my gas. I went back and paid for my gas and found the last spot in C zone. Officer Hatchett was very nice and just waited for me to get there and didn't give me a ticket. What a morning! Now that it is all over, it is quite humorous. But, it was frustrating at the time!

But, we are getting close to being done our poster.

Luckily, this arrived for me today...
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I cancelled my original order because it was supposed to get here May 20th and reordered, and it is in my possession right now! I can't wait to curl up with a cup of tea and read!

Do you know what else arrived for me a couple of days ago?! A fab package from my SP4! I don't have pictures of it, but I'll tell you about it! She sent 3 skeins of cotton chenille (destined to be a facecloth from weekend knitting), some laceweight purple yarn with sparlies all in it, some fun bath/spa stuff, and Vintage Knits and Knitting with Beads. Thank you so much SP!! You totally made my day!

Ok, off to work on this poster some more!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - you have some nice cops in AL! If that had been me, I'd be behind bars by now for not paying for the gas! :)


7:34 AM  
Anonymous leah said...

I was thinking the same thing! Man, my husband got ticketed for not replacing his county sticker we have to have on our winshields... he even had it with him and showed the cop, but he got a ticket anyway :P

8:44 AM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Thanks for reminding me to check my plates.

I hope today is a little smoother.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Maryellen said...

I hope your doing better now. thanks for visiting and commenting on bird coat. if your a new spinner you'll eventually only knit with your own handspun yarn. It's like the ultimate form of yarn snobbery. Happy spring! My crocus just bloomed.


10:17 PM  

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