Friday, February 24, 2006

Drive by post....

No pictures to show, but the baby bunting is coming along nicely! I've finished the back (after knitting 14 inches) and I have to do the front and the sleeves. I think I can make it! It has been a sluggish week around here at Casa Del Bell, and I haven't felt like knitting too much. I'm hoping my knitting mojo will come back soon.

I got my yarn and Yarn to Dye For from Knitpicks, and I am so super excited about it! I'm looking forward to getting started on Wednesday. I thought I would try Rit dye this first time (the box says it works on wool), and then I figured I would experiment with others next time.

Have a great Friday night everyone!


Blogger Shelley said...

Can't wait to see your pics of the baby bunting as well as how your dying experience turns out!

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

I second Shelleys comment.

Can't wait!

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Jean said...

Hey Gracie,
I just ordered the same book from Knit Picks! lol. Great minds. Yes, Rit will dye wool. When I bought my very first fleece (back in the old days before email - lol)the woman I bought it from (found her in the back of Spin Off), sent me a little sample card showing me wools she dyed with Rit and how she did it. I remember being amazed at how full of depth the gray wool looked. Have fun! We're almost having a dye along! ;-)

1:11 AM  
Blogger KnitPastis said...

Gracie, Back when I Kool-Aid dyed my yarn I was just asking my husband "Hey, Wouldn't Rit dye work"? So, let me know how how it turns out and how easy it is to work with. I can't wait to see your baby bunting!

2:37 PM  
Blogger sUsAn said...

Have fun with the dye! In case you haven't seen it (can't remember where I go this link, hope it wasn't here!), here's a link to getting loads of colorvariations with RIT dyes:

2:59 PM  
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